Here are what some of my recent clients have said:

Nicole is a wonderful editor. Had I never hired her, I would still be pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to improve my manuscript. Her feedback was far beyond what I expected. She gave me much more than just an overall summary of my novel, she gave careful feedback throughout. Grammar, spelling, characters, pacing, plot, voice – anywhere my manuscript could use improvement, she showed me. All this was skillfully done in a way that did not replace or change my voice. I highly recommend her services.” 

– Karen Wirtz

“Nicole’s editing skills are top notch. She’s able to point out inconsistencies and errors that I was unable to detect, and in my experience, she’s been spot on. It’s really a breath of fresh air to work with someone who understands the inner workings of a novel: plot, structure, pacing, character development. I recommend her services to anyone looking for a reliable, honest, and informed editor!”

-Heidi Oran

“Nicole is a light-handed but extremely precise editor. My query letter and synopsis compliment each other better after I took her suggestions, and now they both really shine. She was enthusiastic and encouraging about my manuscript but also ready with some valid critiques and suggestions. I am so glad to have had Nicole’s help with my book, and I’d definitely use her services again!”

-Christi Silver

“Nicole is a great editor and I highly recommend working with her. She provided extremely insightful, thoughtful and helpful feedback on my manuscript in a very timely manner.  Nicole was able to pinpoint specific areas where my work needed tweaking and then offered several suggestions on how to approach working it out. Not only was she professional but she was also encouraging and friendly, while also managing to look at my work with a critical eye. She makes herself available if you have questions about her feedback as well. If you want an editor who will give you the utmost value, quality, and respect for you work, then Nicole is perfect for you.”

– Anna Brag

“Nicole’s editing was far beyond what I could have imagined. She broke down the elements of my book with a clarity and precision. Her positive feedback and constructive suggestions took my ideas to the next level. I believe with her help my story and characters will achieve everything I could hope for.  If you want to take your work from the silver medal to the gold Nicole is the right editor for you.Maybe a bit cheesy but I really feel like Nicole shown a light on the hidden dark spots that I knew were there but couldn’t see.”
– Ann Jensen
“Nicole was a pleasure to work with and provided meaningful and insightful feedback. She truly has a gift. Her edits allowed me to dive into parts of my manuscript that weren’t working and develop a more cohesive arch. Nicole offered practical advice on how I might go about fixing scenes and answering questions the reader would undoubtedly have. Her feedback was incredibly detailed and pragmatic with the right amount of “tough love.” I would highly recommend her services.”

– Kristie Colon

“Nicole’s thoughtful critique of my query and manuscript helped me tighten up some of the weak areas and flesh out the flat spots.  Her suggestions were precise and helped me reframe and rethink some of the issues. As a result of Nicole’s careful reading, I feel my finished product is polished and ready for submission.  She was very prompt and professional and I would definitely use her again!”

– Shellie Richards


“Good editing points out issues with a manuscript, great editing conveys those issues in a clear, concise, and understandable manner. Nicole’s editing is the latter. She does a wonderful job of balancing “tough love,” with highlighting strengths. Her feedback is tailored to helping you work with your strengths and voice to improve your manuscript. She’s extremely professional, timely and detailed. I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who is stuck with their work and needs honest, thoughtful, quality feedback to take their work to the next level. “

– Hannah Singerman


“Nicole did a wonderful job of assisting me troubleshoot a novel with sequencing issues. I had been workshopping the book for months, but wasn’t sure how to fix it. Nicole read the novel in its entirety and gave me a bird’s eye view reader report, which was very helpful in pinpointing the areas that needed revision. Nicole identified the chapter that was out of place and gave me suggestions for how to better weave it into the story to improve the overall flow of the book. Upon revising, the entire story works so much better. She also had some great suggestions for how to improve characterizations and strengthen the plot. I was very pleased with Nicole’s editing suggestions, and would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of them.”

– Cara Reinard