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100 Day Challenge

2017. We made it, you guys. We can all agree that last year was harder than most. Whether it’s because we were so aware, so in sync, with everything that happened or it was really just that awful, the general consensuses on Twitter is that 2017 is a welcomed breath of fresh air. There hasn’t…… Continue reading 100 Day Challenge

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The importance of reading outside your comfort zone

It’s officially December, which means it’s officially “best of” season. I thought that’s what this blog post would be: a round-up of the best things I read this year. My favorite books aren’t what’s important. A great blog filler, sure, but it’s what I learned from them is what really matters. Normally I’m an upmarket/literary fiction…… Continue reading The importance of reading outside your comfort zone

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So you finished NaNoWriMo

Congratulations! You’ve written a lot of words in a short amount of time that is a great first draft! I know, I know. You’ve heard first drafts are supposedly crap. They should never be seen by anyone, ever, and they’re just garbage. A stream of consciousness that you’re probably going to re-write at least five…… Continue reading So you finished NaNoWriMo


I support Indies

It’s 2016 and, as an author, I have a million different ways I can publish a book. It’s not just going through an agent and hoping your book sells to a big four anymore. And yes, that path is definitely admirable and still holds a lot of prestige, it’s not the only route. Full disclosure:…… Continue reading I support Indies

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Review: Leave Me by Gayle Forman

  Title: Leave Me Author: Gayle Forman Publisher: Algonquin Books Source: NetGalley eARC Stars: 4/5 Available now Recovery, and not feeling like I’m recovering fast enough, has been on my mind a lot lately. As a woman, and a wife, I feel like there are certain things that are expected of me that even though…… Continue reading Review: Leave Me by Gayle Forman


Plotting Backwards

For one of my grad school classes, I’ve had to outline my new project in a variety of ways. First, I had to outline the main plot of my novel-length project in essay form. I discussed main characters, the overall plot, main conflict, and the theme(s) I’d be covering. Ordinarily, I’d be journaling about all…… Continue reading Plotting Backwards

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On Voice: Whose do you hear?

As a reader, you can tell when a voice feels real and authentic or not. You can tell from page one whether or not you’re going to connect with the main character — even if the character is unlikeable, or unreliable. You can connect with them because it feels like they’re talking to you, that…… Continue reading On Voice: Whose do you hear?