Editing FAQ

  1. What’s your turnaround time? This will all depend on the size of the project and how much work it needs. For a reader’s report, the turnaround time is about two weeks. For editing projects, it’s about a month. As I get deeper into your project, I will update you with a more specific timeframe you should be expecting your feedback in.
  2. What can I do contact you? Send an e-mail to ToneEditorial@nicoleatone.com.
  3. How does payment work? I send an invoice via PayPal. Once the invoice has been paid, your spot in my schedule has been secured. If you can’t pay 100% up front, let me know and we can work something out. If you end up not being happy with the edit that you receive, you’re welcome to request a refund of 75% of the total that you paid.
  4. What do you specialize in? 
    1. Genres/Categories: YA, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Literary Fiction. I’m very familiar with contemporary, upmarket, urban fantasy, magical realism, low fantasy, military science fiction, literary thrillers, and literary suspense. I do take on Middle Grade clients but on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Editing: Fixing plots, character developmental, and world building.
  5. What’s the different between a developmental edit and reader’s report? Subjectivity and objectivity. A reader’s report would include I, as a reader, enjoyed about the book and what strengths/weaknesses it has. I’ll let you know of any major problems the manuscript has from a developmental standpoint. I also include marketability and whether or not this is a project that a lot of agents would be vying for or if it’s something that you should pursue small presses with (because that’s where you’d have the most success). With a developmental edit, you’ll receive a 4 – 7 page letter detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript broken down by section (plot, characters, setting, etc). This will include a more formal analysis of your manuscript and include suggestions on how to fix problems, such as plot inconsistencies or how to strengthen a certain character’s arc.
  6. How long have you been editing? Since 2013.
  7. What’s your request rate? 75%. This is an average of pitches, queries, partial, and full requests.
  8. Do you have formal training? I do! I have my BA in Creative Writing and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University, where my writing classes had a built-in critique element. I have also been a submissions reader for Entangled Publishing, who provided developmental editing webinars for their interns. I have also taken various developmental editing courses through The Editorial Freelancers Association.
  9. Do you provide sample edits? Of course! I have a sample I can send you. Or, if you’d rather, you can send me your first chapter and I’ll do a (premium) developmental edit, which includes line comments/edits.