#MondayBlogs: Patience in publishing and healing

Patience is something I've always had -- or at least I'd like to think I've always had. Waiting has always been a part of my life. Waiting my turn, waiting for the bus, waiting to get home, waiting to hear back from colleges, waiting for grades... well, you get the picture. These are just micro … Continue reading #MondayBlogs: Patience in publishing and healing

#MondayBlogs: What the writing community used to be

So many of us crawled onto our couches or into our beds last night and watched The Tony's. Well, okay, we watched Hamilton win basically everything it was nominated for. But no matter who the winner was, or what the award was, the message that came across something that's been missing from the writing community … Continue reading #MondayBlogs: What the writing community used to be

#MondayBlogs: On being a better literary citizen

The search for my place in the writing community feels never-ending. But as I soaked in the tub, forcing myself to do something other than work (or think about how I should be working but can't), it dawned on me: I've been a part of this community for a long time. I've just been choosing … Continue reading #MondayBlogs: On being a better literary citizen