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The importance of reading outside your comfort zone

It’s officially December, which means it’s officially “best of” season. I thought that’s what this blog post would be: a round-up of the best things I read this year. My favorite books aren’t what’s important. A great blog filler, sure, but it’s what I learned from them is what really matters. Normally I’m an upmarket/literary fiction…… Continue reading The importance of reading outside your comfort zone

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#FridayReads: Research for my new book

I’ve been tweeting very quietly the past few nights about the new book project I’ve been working on. This has been a book idea that I’ve been kicking around for a little while now. An early draft of the opening was even used as my final fiction project for undergrad (and was ultimately the project…… Continue reading #FridayReads: Research for my new book

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#FridayReads: Without Benefits, Chapter 1

As I finish up the final proofs, submit the documents I need to, and generally get anxious about the upcoming launch of Without Benefits, I’m starting to lose sight of why I did this to begin with. So today I’m taking time to remember. I’m taking time to enjoy this process. And I want you to…… Continue reading #FridayReads: Without Benefits, Chapter 1