Secrets of the High Priestess explores trauma, recovery, and the role of women in a world that’s begun to change physically, with melting ice caps and changing sea levels, and socially, as we accept new definitions of truth and gender roles.

Advanced Praise:

“Reading Nicole Tone’s secrets of the high priestess was like flipping through the transcript of my own confessions. It’s that necessary kind of unfiltered & uncomfortable that will leave your bones feeling cold & exposed. You’ll regret not keeping tabs on this rising poet.”
— Amanda Lovelace, award-winning author of The Princess Saves Herself in This One

“Nicole Tone’s poetry will have icicles ripping through reader’s hearts with every single word. Secrets of the High Priestess is a raw collection of cold truths that will leave you wading for more in a sea of self-reflection. Be on the lookout for this poetess, she will not disappoint.”
— Gretchen Gomez,  author of love, and you and of the blog chicgirlreads

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