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#FridayReads: Without Benefits, Chapter 1

As I finish up the final proofs, submit the documents I need to, and generally get anxious about the upcoming launch of Without Benefits, I'm starting to lose sight of why I did this to begin with. So today I'm taking time to remember. I'm taking time to enjoy this process. And I want you to… Continue reading #FridayReads: Without Benefits, Chapter 1

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#WritingWednesday: Telling, showing, and filter words

This past year has been a big one for me. I took a lot of big leaps, including freelance editing full time. With such an intense amount of time spent editing each week, I've been starting to see a pattern in the issues with my clients' manuscripts. Today, I want to talk about this whole… Continue reading #WritingWednesday: Telling, showing, and filter words

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#MondayBlogs: On being a better literary citizen

The search for my place in the writing community feels never-ending. But as I soaked in the tub, forcing myself to do something other than work (or think about how I should be working but can't), it dawned on me: I've been a part of this community for a long time. I've just been choosing… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: On being a better literary citizen

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ARC Review: My Last Continent by Midge Raymond

Author: Midge Raymon Source: eARC via NetGalley Publisher: Random House Publication Date: 21 June 2016 Rating: 4/5 Stars Summary: It is only at the end of the world—among the glacial mountains, cleaving icebergs, and frigid waters of Antarctica—where Deb Gardner and Keller Sullivan feel at home. For the few blissful weeks they spend each year studying the habits of… Continue reading ARC Review: My Last Continent by Midge Raymond

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#MondayBlogs: Writing, Focus, and the MFA

The main theme of my blog, pre and post move, feels like it's been about me not finding my place. I don't feel like I belong to any one group of people. I'm a writer, but of fiction and of personal essays/thinkpieces. I'm a querying author, but I'm also an acquisitions editor. I'm going to… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: Writing, Focus, and the MFA


The reality of my situation

I have some Sunday, pre-wine, mid-migraine thoughts. For months now I've been battling pretty severe concussion symptoms. So much so, I have a follow-up appointment with my neurologist on Wednesday to see if I've done more damage than we initially thought I did. Best case scenario, he'll tell me that I've just been working too… Continue reading The reality of my situation


Mental health month and me

Last month was Sexual Assault Awareness/Prevention month. This month is Mental Health Month. For me, the two go hand in hand. This is something I don't talk about, try not to talk about because I haven't even told most of my family that I was sexually assaulted - that I was raped - in July… Continue reading Mental health month and me